Tuesday, December 30, 2014

another new year and a new day..

Another year coming to an end and my search continues.
Knowing yourself is something that will go on forever. At least for a soul like me who was so far away from reality till few years back. But what has changed, if i try and analyse, i come to an idea which is also pretty new for me.
Since past few years, like many other evolved souls i heard it from Swami Sadhanananda also, "stop reading" :) And though i also counter that in my head that all of us have our share of reading and then internalizing and then the next stage and the next stage... (whatever the stages are. I really don't know.) I am just going wherever my life is taking me. May be my time to stop reading will also come.
But meanwhile what has happened is, in the practice of being mindful about life in general what the Virgo mind has done is, made life very serious. The mind which has now started questioning has lost the ability to experience the mystical space and the small trips the mind used to make to the unknown. The fleeting moments of being in the timeless space and encounter some spaces in dreams are seemingly decreasing.
Again, may be this also a way to live which i had to experience. Lot of people live a life like this, which i was unaware of. So be it.
Every story has to end.
For someone like me who lives a day at a time, every day comes to an end.

So... here is a toast... to the new tomorrow. 

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