Thursday, March 29, 2007

i wonder

here i am.... i am 31 and never ever tried blogging ever. it was only last year that i even came to know that something like this existed. i dont even know whether i should be ashamed of that. anyways... i am happy that i am here now on this page my own blog page going to post some trash that is coming in my head. and i know this is going to be good fun for me. though my english is not very good but i will still try writing as my mind never stops wondering...
i wonder about the solar system, the universe, the planets, our earth, india, kolkata, mumbai and now versova. wonder everything about these places. from the time i wake up in the morning to the time i am struggling to keep my eyes open. i wonder about everything in life.
and on some things i reach to an answer and on some i dont.
i am happy to write it all down here... for myself..
well... its 2 pm in the office and this is not what im paid to do... i will keep this short. and wait for the next available time to start writing... thoughts rushing in.. lots to write...

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