Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me and Bhavaspandana

It been almost a month now that i am back from Isha yoga centre. Still when i sit for my shoonya meditaiton, as i close my eyes i actually have the same feeling when i used to sit in the spandan hall, with reverbs of people talking softly, the reverbs of almost 200 people breathing, sometimes a cry from the throat, comfortably coming out of mere good practices, the hymns, the smell of the agarbatti, the soft noises of the footsteps.... and sometimes i even feel someone coming close to me and whisperng in my ears, "15 mins is over".I cant reason this fact at times why i feel that i have left my home, and how immensely i am missing my home. The food, the ground below my feet, the air that touched my face are all so comforting as if they belong to me and i belong to them. I look at people, i feel so much love for them. At times i feel like going and giving a tight hug and look at them peacefully with love. But i know if i do this to vaishali she might think i have gone mad.
I have heard ... Priorities changes... Yes, for me i can say... my way of looking at life has changed. I have become ok with everything, everyone, every place, every situation. If there is the minimal availability of needs, i can live my life. I have to earn my bread and clothes.Being ok within myself, being ok with the inner self, being ok with the world. But it doesnt mean that i wont react to something which is causing trouble to my friends or family.I respect others and i am ok if they dont respect me but im not ok if they disrespect me.I think goodness or wisdom is something which comes from practice. The understanding has to come from within but the practice keeps a human being rooted.well, whatever my understanding of life is, after Bhavaspandana, i am having a great time.I am at the top of the world. I always wished for a life without complications, actually complications are all in the head. I wish everyone in this world, every person i look around myself should be living a life like this. Should be having a great time like me.... Thank you Sadhguru.


Roy said...

naam ki tor?
sonar bhor
keno ashish?

Wow!! Took me back to my childhood but not disturning my grown-up attitude!

Btw, what’s “jui”

Aar hyan, sesh-ta darun!

suromita said...

jui - is a kind of flower.

A.J.Anto said...

Hi Suromita,
Came to your blog by chance. Nice Sharing! Indeed BSP changes things. Inexplicable joy it was for me after BSP!
I have added your sharing to

Roy said...

Ok, now I got it:

"jui" means Jasmine, right (though bhule gechhi)?


Fidarose said...

I totally agree with you that you can never be the same person, once you attend the B.S.P. I had a wonderful experience in B.S.P, which i have described in my blog
For me those experiences of the B.S.P. is the thing of the past. I still remember the words of the Sadhguru where he says that you have to carry the spirit of the B.S.P wherever you live.

Becky said...

Found your site through the Ishas blog. I’m so happy to connect with other Ishas! :) Just completed Inner Engineering in Jaipur and going full-speed ahead to BSP and other programs during the month of October. Wish you all the best on your journey.