Saturday, April 14, 2007

Small things in life

woke up in the morning with a little headache... not enough sleep i guess. was wondering where am i today... there was a time when i first came to bombay, when i waited for a day where i will not get any time to think in the morning. I will be busy........ then there was a time when i desperately needed sleep and some space for myself. would wake up in the morning and look around and feel so peaceful inside thinking i wont have to go anywhere today...
then there was the other day when i was... not scared but was thinking, will i be able to get back to this 9 to 5 schedule every day?
and there is today... i wake up early morning, even if i sleep at 1, take a bath, get dressed, direct my cook what to cook and come to office.
i am happy. nothing to complain about.. these are small things in life.
one of my friend just told me, what are you doing in a advertising agency? there is no prospect for you..
what prospect do they talk about? why are we all running after prospects? what is that we all are running after? why dont i get it? i want to become a human being with the biggest job? NO. i want to become human being with the biggest heart... longest hand to help... widest mind to accept everything around me.... calmest head to put a smile on other's face. and i am working towards it...

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