Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ever after

"I have to be careful while getting off from the car" i had told myself. The saree is heavy and never in my life before i wore so many jewelleries. And yes, the makeup. And oh yes! the maroon lipstick. Well, i guess every girl has to do this at least once in her life. Like me. On the day of the wedding.
While passing by the mandap i noticed the white satin sheet on the dias looked very sad. I shouted, as if im on a film set, "Spot dada"!!! No. I screamed out to my brother and said, ask them to put some rose petals on the dias. It will look good.
Mom quickly said, "dont bother now, You be quiet. You are the bride".
I realised i have to be poised and all that. Like a shy, sober bride.
Had seen my groom from the window while he was passing by the corridor to fix his dhuti.
And my aunt said, "dont look! you are not supposed to see him before the wedding happens."
I waited patiently till i was called. In fact i was faffing with my friends.
I had to cover my face with a betel leaf and took 7 circles around the groom.
Then the eyes met, the smiles came, the garlands were exchanged and the sindoor was neatly sitting on my forehead.
The game was fun.
"And they lived happily ever after."

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