Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is so amazing how your mind and soul responds to the rains. The mind reminds you to carry raincoat, umbrella, be ready and the soul wants to get wet, get madly drenched and laugh and cry in the rains.

The first day it rained in my city, i stood for auto for 4o mins with a smile on my face.
There is some kind of romance you feel with the rains. You are alone but you feel romantic, you don't need anyone, you just feel complete. I never thought i am capable of feeling romantic in the middle of the road at the Chakala signal surrounded by traffic.
Rain does that to you.

Have been occupied in creating the world, the new world, the world of my own.
Gopi said, "you are gonna change as a human being, suro?".
And i smile...
Wanting to change my lifestyle is already being in the process of the change. I have put a routine around my life. So far have been able to follow it. For someone like me it is a deal. Cos the rules did not know me till 6 months back.

Have been smiling without reason these days.
Will be leaving for the ashram day after.
The mind is tricking me with thoughts like, will the knee be ok, staying safely in the dorm, sleeping on the floor, walking to the mandirs, heat, rain, etc etc.
Somehow im ready these days. All the time. For what, i don't know.
It's like the rainy days.
I always leave the house prepared with the raincoat, extra pair of clothes, umbrella and food and gym bag.
Feels like the soul is also ready for the worst, all the time.
What is the next resistance coming up... how much more is left...

I am looking forward to it. To visit the new me and the new world and the new resistance :)
Bring it on...

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