Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ever wonder how every action and non action of ours is dependent on somebody else who even might not be even remotely connected to us.
Somewhere there is this invisible string which is connecting all the souls, close and far, and how we all are connected and we are influential in each others lives.
How the life of others, known or unknown are so deeply connected to our destiny we are not even aware of it.
Like someone else at some point of time did something and hence my action or non action was decided. Always.
More i think about it i get evidences.

And that gives birth to relationships. How we all are related. Even if you dont have a family, you are related. Even of you are alone, you are related. And that is not by our choice, is not in our hands or rather we are even unaware to whom we are related to till what point of time.

From our part, all we can do is be truthful and genuine to ourselves.
That is it.
And when your mind is covered with the clouds of doubt, know that your goodness will come for rescue someday.

After a long long time i am feeling lighter, steadier and peaceful. It is a feeling of surety. 
Life again came and assured me that goodness of heart finally wins, sooner or later. 

The sky above me is getting clearer. I can see the tinge of blue... And i am smiling.
Goodness... I trust you.

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