Monday, May 9, 2011

High tide and low tide..

Well, after a long time a much deserved break in my head...
The mother of gods project has been settling a little bit and things are a little less chaotic than before. It is a good feeling or am i thinking it is going to be good... I don't know honestly.

Yesterday at home i was feeling like i am in the middle of a household, a normal household with mom shouting " fix the cylinder, the food is half cooked" and Dad happily playing the harmonium and singing. It felt like home. After a long time. Today i know i will be going back home to Ma and baba, they are waiting for me. It is such a good feeling i didn't know till i started missing it. And after knowing that this is not going to be forever... And now there will be nobody waiting for me at home.

Life will go on and we will all settle with what's available to us and be happy with it. We all do that eventually. Don't we? Shouting and screaming and crying all in vain. Nothing is in your control. You feel like a puppet at times where some invisible hands are controlling the imaginary strings and making you dance.

What's next now?

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