Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Morning Songs...

Don't know which is the best song to listen to when you just wake up in the morning. No song came to my mind. Searched the word "morning" in my itunes library.

Morning has broken by Cat Stevens
Early morning rain by Eva Cassidy
Chelsea morning by Judy Collins
Wonderwall by Oasis

Matches no where with the thought i have woken up with. Past few days i have been waking up with this same thought. Just immediately after the mind comes in touch with the reality.
A question mark towards the coming mornings... how are they going to be? Is it going to be like this forever?

I will write random thoughts coming to my head. May be this will help as a writing practice.

Again i am back to Dhiman's song. " Cant remember your face". I have been listening to this song in loop since past 3 days. There is something about this song which connects me in a heart beat. That song is really at peace, secured... and life goes on...

Now Lagrima, andante...

Again this one also is very peaceful and secured...

What's with me?

It is just opposite to what is in my mind... in reasonable extent.

Someone care to suggest some morning songs?

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