Thursday, March 24, 2011

a toast to friendship

It was the usual long and boring production and creative meeting. All through i scribbled my home address in Kolkata, as usual. Very strangely whenever i scribble, i end up scribbling my address in Kolkata. 162/45 Lake Gardens. Did i really miss it? May be there is an explanation to that in my subconscious mind, i don't know. Do i miss the concept of home? I have had 10-11 homes in Delhi / Mumbai and Bangalore in last 11 years. May be i will keep scribbling this till the end of my life.

So thankfully came out of the meeting and was again called back to be presented with another mother-of-gods project. With international clients, meaning my nights are gonna turn into days keeping the days as they are. Totally gratified.

Came back to my desk post that and looked in to my notebook. In my head i have already started feeling restless, as if there were lots left to do and understand. In the middle of all this i found this written just a page after my stupid scribbling.

You are a wonderful woman, with a heart of an angel and the soul of a butterfly.
Roam free and let the world shine with color and happiness to see you burst through the doors of dilemma...

It is yours, suromita, the world.
It has your name imprinted on its every page.
You are here to participate in life and lif will eventually learn to understand our paths.

We have but one life, one heart and one chance.
Celebrate who you are suromita.
Celebrate your heart, your soul and mind.
Let yourself fly out into the world unafraid and beautiful, suromita, my butterfly...

Please let us know who you are...
we are a deprived world.

I knew instantly who it was. There are not many people in this world who think like this about me. And there is none in my office except my oldest friend in this city... Keya...

She said in her usual matter of fact way, she was killing time filling up the page as internet is slow as everyone is watching cricket.

I have heard a Nigerian proverb once... They say, hold your true friends with both your hands.

I don't know whether i ever did that or not, but i have a number of people in my life who hold me not only with both their hands but also with their heart...

This was Keya and one of her many ways to show her love for me. And the rest of you, you have all your own ways to let me know that you are there. Some show and some don’t.

I have been meaning to tell you all... Ayesha (Dipu), Bird (Prachi), Boga, Dhiman, Gopi (Kalyani), Keya, Loveena and Sanghamitra...

At this point of time life would have been dark and hard without you all. The way you guys make me feel is something i needed the most. Especially at this time when the mind was full of fear, doubts, darkness and despair.

Honestly, when I look forward to a good time in future, I see you guys there with me merrymaking on each other’s happiness. We will fight, cry and smile again. We have already done that with each other several times... haven't we? :)

Here is to all of you… To our friendship...

After almost 11 years of leaving home; see what I have got!!!

A family in my heart. My family... My friends...

"Your friend is your needs answered.
He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.
And he is your board and your fireside.
For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.
Kahlil Gibran"

P.S - Hope no one reacts to the list of names. It is in alphabetical order and ones in brackets are the better halves who mean no less to me.

At the end, randomness doesn't need any explanation.

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Keya Banerjee said...

We love you shamelessly and endlessly... so just let us....

you just keep writing out your heart and we shall happily continue to read...