Friday, March 11, 2011

your and mine...

Letter 1:
Now that you are gone, here I go with my sentimental journals on my love and my immediate family which consists with you you and only you... Was wondering the other day... It's amazing how much you can learn about someone you thought you already knew so well. I faced this just after I started spending my uninterrupted days with you post your short trips. I always thought marriage was a scary thing. Now when I look back I think it’s quite nice actually. I am responsible for another human being. One evening you put yourself into my hands. Even I gave myself to you... All this while I was one person who never got effected by people around me so much ...but now... you have the power to disappoint, hurt, frustrate and make me angry. Even I do have that power on you.. Which I will likely do repeatedly in our time together. I will stumble over myself, make mistakes and apologize. But you know this and you gave yourself to me just the same.
Then we kept on moving forward, learning, laughing and loving the whole way and we will...
Now we are learning to live a life shared and I love it!
Let’s flow with our lives... Knowing there will be bad days and then there will be good days and we will survive through every moment of hardship.
I know you are not in a good frame of mind. And I can at least try to imagine how difficult things can be for someone who has left his family, home, relatives, friends and the friendly surrounding and gone to some other country all alone and have to work on a profile not so enjoyable..
So here is a small step to bring a smile on your face... Much like the way you bring a smile on my face with the small sweet things you do for me...
Hold on to the faith you have on yourself... Life will be kind.
I love you...

Letter 2:
Attached is the a list of the miniscule number of furniture we had.
Have written our names which should go with whom. 
This seems fair to me. If you have any problem, let me know. 
I won’t be comfortable talking about this in person. 
Hence I mailed. 
Hope you are ok with it... 

Rows and rows of words, words of love, anger, affection, hurt… and time passes in its own speed of zen. These just reminds once again that they never do justice… words.

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