Tuesday, March 22, 2011

But really, sadness can come and grip you anytime!! really.
Suddenly amidst your controlled and still mind, some thought or some visual or sound or a phone call can inject a shot of sadness suddenly. Time span of that is same as the pain of an injection. A rush of tears and mind stops working and the miserable feeling for few secs and then gone. Something else takes over. The logical mind.

Enough... How long can you be this unhappy? Let it go. Time has come to move on to the next phase. This is a transition. Enjoy it. Bring back that smile on your face which used to come effortlessly looking at the rays of the sun from inside of the auto on your way to office.

Lightness... Come, embrace me...

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Anonymous said...

"Last few days have been like as if i am in a film and there are actors around me who's been given specific roles to play" -- So true! So many times one feels that.

Although I am not too sure how much we'll be able to follow the - 'No noise after 8 pm' clause once we all get together. :-) But I like your area. Its quaint.

- Gopi